ForestHer NC offers workshops for women in woodland stewardship

ForestHer NC is a new initiative, created by conservation organizations in North Carolina, to provide women the tools and training to help them manage forest lands and become more engaged in forest stewardship.

While 65 percent of private forestland In North Carolina is jointly owned by women, statistics indicate that women are significantly less likely to attend conventional landowner programs and participate in management activities. ForestHer NC aims to reverse this trend by offering programming tailored to women, though ALL are welcome to attend.

"Our goal is to create an opportunity for women to come together and learn not only from the offered programming, but also from each other," said Jennifer Roach, District 11 Forester with the N.C. Forest Service.

ForestHer NC is sponsored by conservation organizations including the N.C. Forest Service, U.S Forest Service, N.C. Tree Farm Program, N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission, Audubon North Carolina, Wild Turkey Federation, N.C. State Extension, and the Sustainable Forestry and Land Retention Project. The initiative is kicking off with 3 events in August, the first in a series of quarterly workshops offered regionally.


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