Keeping Your Woodlands Healthy

Learn about the various aspects of maintaining your woodlands and what you can do to start managing your woods.

  • Your Legacy

  • Protect With Fire

  • Declining Forests

  • Wildlife

  • Growing Your Woods

    Your Legacy

Caring for Your Land for the Next Generation

Your land is valuable to you and your family. Taking care of your land now and for the future doesn’t have to be difficult.

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Key Resources

Conserving Working Lands

(NC State University)


Forest Certification

(NC Forest Service)


Long Term Planning

(NC Tree Farm)

    Protect with Fire

Good Fires = Healthy Forests

Fire is an integral component of many forest ecosystems in North Carolina, especially shortleaf and longleaf pine systems.  The use of prescribed fires not only serves an ecological purpose for plants and wildlife, but can be a very useful forest management tool to improve forest health and reduce wildfire risk. 

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Key Resources

Prescribed Fire 

(NC Forest Service)


eFire: Interactive site for Prescribed Fire 

(NC State Extension)


How to Become a Certified Burner

(North Carolina Forest Service)

    Declining Forests

Bottomland and Longleaf Pine Forests

Find out more about priority forest habitats in North Carolina and why they matter.

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Key Resources

Bringing Back Longleaf Pine to NC

(NC Forest Service)


Bottomland and Swamp Forests

(NC Forest Service)


Landowner Assistance for Longleaf

(North Carolina Longleaf Coalition)


Manage Habitat to See More Native Wildlife

Learn to manage wildlife habitat to improve native wildlife populations and control damage from noxious wildlife.

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Key Resources

Making your Woods Welcoming for Wildlife

(Tree Farm)


Tarheel Wildlife: Management Guide for Private Lands

(NC Wildlife Resource Commission)


Creating a Home for Wildlife

(American Forest Foundation)

    Growing Your Woods

Foster Healthy Woodlands with Smarter Finances

Educate yourself on the management and financial resources available to help landowners produce healthy woods.

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Key Resources

Landowner's Guide to Forestry in North Carolina

(NC Forestry Association)


Benefits of a Woodland Plan

(NC Forest Service)


Cost Share Fact Sheet

(Tree Farm)